The Modern Africa

Modern Street Scene in Africa

Africa is the second biggest and one of the most populated continents in the world. In the last 40 years the population has increased rapidly and this has resulted in a relatively young society. Central Eastern Africa is believed by many as the origin of humans. Today, even when freedom and independence are the public facade of modern Africa, the West and its marketplace greatly influences the continent.

20th century history of Africa is greatly dominated by the craving of outsiders to restructure this diverse and huge continent. Much has been done by way of Cold War, colonialism, and marketplace. Even though the continent is rich in natural resources, Africa remains a poor and underdeveloped continent.

Growth and Development

African states have often been weighed down by authoritarianism, instability, violence and corruption. However, in the 21st century there has been a decrease in the number of armed conflicts such as Angola civil war ending after almost 30 years. Several countries have abandoned communist style of economies and are open for market reforms. Due to economic reforms and better stability there is a boost in foreign investment in some African countries especially from China. This has brought about a start to end years of decline and stagnation. In fact today some of the economies in African countries are among the fasted growing in the world. A considerable reason of this growth can be credited to improved communication and information technologies.

There are a number of developed modern cities in present day Africa, but still there are many villages where people live as they have been for centuries. Tribes stay as a part of huge families that own the land together and in some villages the society brings up children. Heritage and culture is a large part of the African society and music plays an important role in the day to day life of the people.A lot is being done for the realization and achievement of the rights of women in the past couple of decades. Now women hold seats in parliament, are becoming business entrepreneurs and maternal mortality/HIV/AIDS have gone down dramatically. Struggle to end traditions, laws and practices that hurt women is continuing in modern Africa. In the past few decades, Africa has achieved a lot and South Africa achieved majority rule under the leadership of Nelson Mandela.

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